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Dr. THOMASTIK KONTRABASS TELİ SPIROCORE ORCHESTRA. THOMASTIK KONTRABAS TEL SETİ SPIROCORE. Spiros are an old favorite for jazz and other genres and has been a popular string for many years. They were one of the first decent metal strings to be adopted by strictly gut string players-- in fact, lots and lots of us played G & D guts and A & E Spirocores, since the larger gut strings of the mid-20th century still were too indefinite and flabby for good jazz articulation. They have great sustain and a big sound good for many styles, but remain a jazz favorite. You''ll also find them on lots of general use basses, for bluegrass, blues, and other styles where that big sound and sustain are prized. You won''t find too many arco players using them, as they have a scratchy sort of response, tolerable acoustically, but that scratch is often painfully and accurately conveyed by pickup systems, so if you bow a lot, and not strictly acoustically, these may not be for you. I have used them sucessfully with magnetic pickups. We carry the standard "Medium" Spirocores, as well as the Weich, or light weight gauge, which are more flexible and lighter. The modern string packages say "Orchestra" but you''ll seldom find a set there! The reference refers to conventional orchestra tuning.

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